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Staying the Course – Authenticity

Some of us, as children, were taught that we weren’t enough, that we had to do more, always do more, so that we could make things happen, be enough, keep all of the plates spinning in the air.  And perhaps in our early home life this worked to get us the attention we needed from […]

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The Power of NO or Standing Up For Ourselves

What do we say when we mean to say NO? Do we flat out say the actual word NO?  In a world that teaches us to be nice are we even taught how to say NO?  The ability to say NO and to say YES are fundamental to our ability to live an authentic life.  […]

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Be Nice!

Be nice, be nice, we are told when we are children. The message is that it isn’t nice to speak our truth. Speaking up, speaking out isn’t nice behavior. We learn to stifle our inner voice and go along with what is going on around us. As adults this can translate into saying yes when […]

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