Valentine’s Day Gifts

Are you thinking about Valentine’s Day Gifts for your partner? I am a big proponent of shared experiences over gifts.  Thinking back over my life there are very few gifts that I remember as bringing me great sustained joy. On the other hand memories of experiences that I have had always bring me smiles and warm fuzzy feelings. Valentine’s Day is a great time to plan something special for your loved one. Candy gets eaten; flowers die but a heartfelt experience of romance and love can live on.  This can be done in a number of ways. It may include cooking your partner a romantic dinner that is waiting for them when they get home. It could be making reservations for your partner’s favorite restaurant. It could also be something along the lines of laying a trail of rose petals to the bedroom door and you waiting inside for your partner.  Depending on your circumstances it could be as simple as getting a sitter for the kids and having an adult evening. This is great time to use your creativity and your imagination. Haven’t broken out the lingerie in a while? Why not Valentine’s Day? Your partner loves chocolate covered strawberries? Why not make some and feed them to him/her?

It may be that you are pressed for time. Perhaps you both work and there is no way you could pull off something like what I mention above.  There are other ways to be romantic and loving.  Perhaps you could write a gratitude list of all of the things you love and appreciate about your partner. You could include both silly and serious things on the list.  Another possibility is to leave sticky notes around the house. Leave them in your partner’s cereal box to discover in the morning, on the refrigerator, the bathroom mirror, the car keys. The sticky notes could have things you love or appreciate about your partner. They might have romantic quotes (easily obtained on the internet!) that speak to you of your love. The sticky notes could also be a little naughty and maybe indicate some things that you would like to do (or have done to you!) later in the evening.

The idea is to step outside the chocolate and flower box and shape an evening, an event, a moment that shines bright with your love for your partner. That feeling, that brightness, that warmth and love is what they will remember and carry with them after all of the chocolate and flowers are gone.