The Power of NO or Standing Up For Ourselves

What do we say when we mean to say NO? Do we flat out say the actual word NO?  In a world that teaches us to be nice are we even taught how to say NO?  The ability to say NO and to say YES are fundamental to our ability to live an authentic life.  They are fundamental to our ability to speak our truth and stand in it.  I have noticed that often when we need to say NO we can be evasive, or ambiguous.  We worry about hurting other people’s feelings.  We turn away or offer an excuse.  Sometimes we sound unsure.  When we have a clear NO inside and it doesn’t come out we are ignoring our truth.  We are falling back into the “be nice” mentality that often gets us to places we don’t really want to be.  There is power in the word NO.  It can be delivered with compassion when necessary and with force when required.  Using the word NO when our body is crying out for it is empowering.  It is standing up for ourselves, our truth, our needs.  It offers clarity and a way to stand firm in our truth. When you are faced with a decision tap into what your body, your heart, and your mind are telling you.  Notice what is really true for you in that moment and find the courage to let that truth out.  Say NO if you need to or yes if you want to.  What can you do today to let your truth out?