Staying the Course – Authenticity

Some of us, as children, were taught that we weren’t enough, that we had to do more, always do more, so that we could make things happen, be enough, keep all of the plates spinning in the air.  And perhaps in our early home life this worked to get us the attention we needed from our family.  As adults (and probably as children too!) trying to do this gets exhausting!  It is a huge cause of anxiety.  This tendency can easily have us jumping from one thing to the other, without waiting to see if what we are doing is working.  It can lead to impatience, to abandonment of the plan, or course of action, that you have set yourself on.

It is often fear that causes us to jump from one thing to another without pausing for breath.  Sometimes it is fear of failure, sometimes fear of being alone.  Underlying it all is the fear that we are not enough, that we can’t measure up.  This is the powerful message that constantly striving has taught so many of us.

The fact of the matter is that you are enough.  By the very fact that you exist you are enough.  When you live in the flow of your truth you are enough.

From a practical standpoint this means understanding what is right for you, designing a course of action and sticking to it.  When it feels like it is not enough, stop, take a breath and remind yourself that you are enough and that you have a plan.  Stay the course until a designated time when you decide that something needs to be tweaked.  The most important word in that last sentence is decide.  If you are making a conscious decision about your course of action then anxiety does not play a part.  You are able to weigh your options and make a decision, without fear or anxiety driving your actions.  Schedule an appointment to begin your journey to more authenticity, patience and productivity.