Let Go

Have you noticed that you are white knuckling your relationship, your job or your home life?  Holding on as tight as you can and trying to fit it all into your notions of how it should be?  Have you ever looked at your hands during the physical act of holding on like this?  Have you ever noticed how your hands feel in this position?  I remember as a kid trying to hold onto a chin-up bar.  Man was that painful!  And when I fell off?  Even more painful for my hands!  White knuckling your life can feel a lot like this, only not just to your hands but to your entire body, heart and mind!  It can become such a habit that you might not even notice that you are doing it.  Your body notices though.  What a difficult, exhausting job it is to work to keep everything as it should be according to the picture in your head.

What if you could change your perspective?  What if you could just let go and be present in each moment?  When we are white knuckling we are generally holding on out of fear.  When we act from a place of fear we miss the opportunity to truly understand what we want or need, to truly grasp our truth.  So, stop.  Check in with yourself.  A few deep breaths where you focus on what your heart, mind and body are telling you.  Notice the truth that is speaking to you rather than the fear that is gripping you.  When you know what you truly want, move toward it by setting goals that will bring it closer.  Let your body relax and let go.  Focus on the positive rather than holding on out of fear of some possible bad outcome down the road.  What can you let go of today?  Contact me today to set up an appointment to begin moving toward your truth and releasing your fears.