Are you feeling disconnected in your relationship? Having trouble communicating and feeling like you are on the same page, or even on the same team? Relationship therapy, couple’s counseling, marriage counseling (all the same!) could help you find your way back to each other, and your best relationship.

Together we will look for the underlying emotions that keep you stuck in a dance of disconnection. We will look to do the dance differently, creating a dance of connection instead!

Relationship therapy, couple’s counseling, marriage counseling, with me is usually a combination of group (whoever is in the relationship) sessions and individual sessions. The individual work is intended to add to, and inform, the group work. I have found, in my work, that this is often the most effective way to create lasting change. Although I do also understand that different people benefit from different things.

I have extensive additional training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and this modality informs much of my work. Read more about EFT »

Ready to start the journey toward each other, and your best possible relationship?

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