Be Nice!

Be nice, be nice, we are told when we are children. The message is that it isn’t nice to speak our truth. Speaking up, speaking out isn’t nice behavior. We learn to stifle our inner voice and go along with what is going on around us. As adults this can translate into saying yes when we mean no, doing things that we don’t really want to do and that aren’t in service to our truth, our values, and that aren’t right for us. We are doing things out of obligation. At that point do we even know what our truth is or how to speak it? We act in the service of being nice, rather than being true. Perhaps a better thing to learn as children would have been to speak our truth with kindness and compassion for ourselves and others. Perhaps this is what we might teach our children now – to speak what is true for them in a way that takes the feelings of others into consideration. Perhaps this is what we might begin to teach ourselves – It is ok to speak your truth with love and compassion. It is ok to be who you are.